Thrift Find: Clarks Sand Suede Original Desert Boot

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I spent a good portion of my night debating whether to buy Clarks Original Boot in Beeswax or Sand Suede .
I ended up choosing Beeswax since it seemed like it would be more versatile with my current wardrobe.

My friend called me over to hang out for a bit so we ended up visiting random stores around Irvine and Santa Ana. We somehow ended up at a thrift shop and I figured I might as well check what shoes they had and to my surprise, the Sand Suede Clarks were on top of the shelf right at the front!

I rushed over considering it was really packed in there and hoped that it was at least my size or half a size smaller (I bought the Beeswax half a size smaller after researching how they fit). I examined the boots carefully and it only had a few smudges but it looked like it was probably used maybe once or twice.

I took a deep breath as I pulled the tongue down to see the size and it was exactly my size! I took another deep breath to check the price and it ended up being almost 3 times cheaper than buying them new! I bought it right away (of course) and I plan on cleaning them up a little.

They fit really well even though suggestions were to size down half. Always check your local thrift shops, you never know what treasures you'll find!

Have you found anything awesome at a thrift shop? If so, share your story!

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